When I was a child, Red Lion Evangelical Association was in it’s hey day. I remember it very well. We were “doing church” in a way that was absolutely on the cutting edge for it’s day.  There was an incredible feeling in the church.  My father, Pastor Betters, preached a 9:15 service.  He preached through books of the Bible, verse by verse.  Rev. Pusey, the Senior Pastor, preached an 11:00 service and he had a way about him that was very attractive and inviting. The church had just started Red Lion Christian Academy.  I was a student at the school the first year as a fourth grader!  Mrs. Matthews was my teacher and remains one of my favorite teachers to this day. The church has certainly had it’s ups and downs over the years.

                               Left: Red Lion's sanctuary in 1986, Pastor Chuck F. Betters. Right: Red Lion's Sanctuary 2014, Campus Pastor DaQuan Gibson.


                             Left: Red Lion's sanctuary in 1986, Pastor Chuck F. Betters. Right: Red Lion's Sanctuary 2014, Campus Pastor DaQuan Gibson.

When Glasgow Church was asked to acquire Red Lion Christian Academy, the church at Red Lion had dwindled down to almost nothing. I remember the first time we went back on the campus during the acquisition days and I remember thinking that the church needed to be the engine to power the school. We saw the church as the heart of the school. Without the church, the school wouldn’t have a heart, we felt.  We also noticed all the developments literally surrounding the church.  Not only was God calling us to acquire the school, but God was calling us ultimately to plant a new campus of Glasgow Church at Red Lion.  

By God’s good grace, that work has begun in the form of Redemption Church at Red Lion. This campus launched on September 7th, 2014 with over 100 people, a good mix of mostly non-Glasgow people. DaQuan Gibson is our campus pastor and this campus is part of the vision of “one church, many congregations.”  Redemption at Red Lion, Redemption at Fair Hill, and Glasgow Church are our three campuses. Redemption at Red Lion has a strong core group who are like family. The church is racially diverse and has a unique feel as a result. We are trying to reach the unchurched families of the school and the surrounding communities. Our hope is to fill the Red Lion sanctuary once again.  What a testimony that would be to recover what has been lost at Red Lion.  What a testimony of Redemption it would be to see men and women come to know Jesus through this effort. 

With the multi-site approach, we will share resources as we strengthen and encourage one another. We now offer either smaller or larger settings for those who thrive in a particular environment.  Eventually, we will have periodic joint all campus worship services and have other assorted all campus events. Multi-Site campuses are now a permanent part of Glasgow Church.  

So we invite you to check out one of our three campuses: 

Glasgow Church

2880 Summit Bridge Rd. Bear, DE 190701

Redemption at Red Lion

1390 Red Lion Rd. Bear, DE 19701

Fair Hill Church

2420 Singerly Rd. Elkton, MD 21921

Soli Deo gloria, 
Pastor Chuck L. Betters