Reach 55+ is a ministry for people who are age 55, and better! This spans a great generation, and we want to create and participate in activities for all age groups 55 and older. We want those who are still very active to be excited about this group, and we want those who are not so active to also have a ministry available for them.

Our goal is for those involved in this ministry to feel appreciated for their wisdom as they have experienced life, and we also want those involved to reach out to others with their wisdom. Another goal is for those involved to have a chance to fellowship with each other through fun activities outside of the church; e.g. sports games, our own activities, etc….

As the ministry continues to grow, we would love to see those involved create a strong support group, not only for each other, but for others in the church and community. For instance, we would love to have an opportunity for those involved to spend time with our youth group and other groups that can look to them for appreciation and advice. We would also love for those involved to collectively create care packages for several community groups; e.g. Veterans, Active Military, College Students, Underprivileged Children, etc…There are many.

Be a part of an evening filled with great food, great company and great FUN! We are looking for 6-8 families to volunteer to have salad and appetizers or host dinner at their home for the Reach 55+ Progressive Dinner! Groups will move from location to location as we move through each meal course, ending with dessert at the Glasgow Campus! Sign up to attend the dinner and/or to host one of the meals at your home today!

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For more information on how you can be involved with Reach 55+, email!