Are you looking to meet new friends in the church? Dinner 8 is your chance to have dinner, and fellowship with different people in our congregation outside of Sunday mornings throughout the year! 

We would love to connect as many of you as possible! We want to encourage you, post-college to senior-age, single or married to get involved! 

Our team is setting up groups so that there will be 5 or 6 host/hostesses in each, and plan out for  two-month increments where the host/hostess for each window will be required to contact the people in their group to get a date within that window which will work for everyone.  

The host/hostess can choose to have dinner out at a restaurant of their choice, or host a dinner at their home.  Dinner out will require each person to pay their own way.  Then, all participants will go back to the host/hostesses home (or stay at the restaurant) for dessert afterward.

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